Who We Are?

The Project

We have a shared desire to contribute to an engage and active Society, where volunteering is an expression of solidarity and European values, but also for safer communities, where prisoners are fully supported to integrate back into their communities and address issues which lead to their offending.

Our  Goals

  • Explore mutual learning opportunities between Prisons and VSOs by creating exchange frameworks which will facilitate the comparability between different EU prison practices regarding volunteering;
  • Identify key performance indicators between National Prison  Administrations and volunteer organisations within secure settings;

  • Develop a training curriculum and programme to support the development of a CJS volunteer manager profile, and develop a European Volunteer Managers training guide;
  • Establish common European minimum standards to train volunteers working in prison environment and to assess the quality of volunteer organisations and/or programmes;
  • Promote collaborative training to take advantage of scale and creativity to ensure a common baseline message and reduce delivery costs.

What  we  expect

  • ​Increased exchange and collaboration between countries, organisations and programmes on the topic of Criminal Justice System Volunteering Management;
  • Increased understanding of each partners’ needs, experience and working reality, namely the use and exchange of innovative practices;
  • Increased comparability and better balance between countries’ on CJS volunteering managers’ practices, knowledge and experience;
  • Detailed and sustainable information source of wider online support to the deepen knowledge between countries, organisation and programmes, enabling to building conjoint programmes, mobilities, shadowing, study visits and capacity building programmes besides providing critical insights on CJS Volunteer Programmes management strategic development.